Welcome To Our District

Updated December 16, 2019

The Wilton community is protected by approximately fifty-five dedicated shift and resident volunteer firefighters covering fifty - nine square miles of rural land. The Wilton Fire Protection District is one of eleven Fire Districts in the Sacramento County.

Announcements & Events


Reminder: Burn permits expire yearly! W.F.P.D. will begin issuing new burn permits beginning January 1st 2020. Burn permits are required when burning trimmings on a legal burn day. Come to Station 81, 9800 Dillard Rd, to complete the burn permit.

image ACADEMY CLASS 16-2

Wilton Fire Protection District welcomes the new candidates in the latest academy of the WFPD Internship Program. Led by Training Captains Alex Carl and Thaddeus Buurkarl, the academy is designed to instruct new candidates of firefighter skills.




Wilton Fire's Dedication

Mission Statement: Committed to the Care and Protection of the Community We Serve.

Core Values: Integrity - With honesty as our foundation, we will always do right. Professionalism - A personal commitment to exceed expectations of our profession in our attitude, ability, and appearance. Teamwork - A partnership of coordinated effort based on trust, empowerment, support, and communication. Service before Self - Recognizing and placing the needs of others before our own.

Goals: Honor the public trust by exceeding expectations. Provide a positive internal environment that promotes Trust and Commitment. Acting in the best interest of the public. Ensure efficient use of resources in order to maximize levels of service.