WFPD Employment Application

Updated March 8, 2013

    Download Employment Application here.

    Applications can be downloaded using the link above and mailed to:

    Fire Administration
    Wilton Fire Protection District
    9800 Dillard Road
    Wilton, CA 95693

    Firefighters wanted in these positions advertised are not full-time positions.

      Applications can be obtained from the link above or at the Fire Administration Office at 9800 Dillard Road between the hours of 9:00 AM and 2:30 PM. Should you have any questions regarding either the Resident Firefighter or Shift Firefighter positions, we ask that you e-mail: and someone from our Recruitment Staff, will contact you back in a timely manner.

      Minimum Requirements - Shift Firefighter

      • 1. State of California, State Fire Marshal's Office Firefighter 1 Skills Package, OR California State Fire Marshal Firefighter I Certificate.
      • 2. Attended and successfully completed an approved Firefighter Academy.
      • 3. California Emergency Medical Technician-Basic.
      • 4. Willing to work a minimum of one(1) twenty four(24) hour shift per week.
      • 5. Attend mandatory full Department monthly training.
      • 6. Have the ability to follow directions.
      • 7. Must be in Good health.
      • 8. Minimum of eighteen(18) years of age.
      • 9. Maintain a current CPAT card.
      • 10. Valid California Drivers License.

      Assists in Suppression of fires, rescue and lifesaving operations; responds to emergency medical calls and renders first aid; handles fire streams and other fire service equipment in suppression of fires; performs daily maintenance of stations, quarters, apparatus and equipment; makes required equipment checks; assists in putting apparatus and equipment back in readiness for other emergencies; attends scheduled mandatory training drills; performs other duties as assigned.

      The Wilton Fire Protection District will provide a per shift monetary stipend. Shift Firefighters will receive seventy five (75) dollars per twenty four (24) hour shift to cover on duty meals and uniforms. WFPD approved Licensed Paramedics, providing Advanced Life Support skills, will receive an additional twenty five (25) dollars per twenty four (24) hour shift.

      Shift firefighter filing date: We are not currently accepting applications. Our next application proccess is tentatively scheduled for May 2010.

      Minimum Requirements - Resident Firefighter

      • 1. Must reside within the boundaries of the Wilton Fire Protection District.
      • 2. Willing to be on call 24 hours a day.
      • 3. Good health.
      • 4. Willing to attend schaduled drills (there are 2 drills a month: one on Saturday morning, one on a Tuesday evening.)
      • 5. Minimum of 18 years of age.
      • 6. Valid California Drivers License.

      Resident Firefighter Filing Date: Resident Firefighter applications will continue to be accepted on a year round basis.

      Desired requirements for Resident Firefighters:
    • State of California, State Fire Marshal Office, Firefighter 1 Skills Package
    • California Emergency Medical Technician-1 Basic.