About Us

Updated March 8, 2019

The Wilton Fire Protection District is a team-oriented organization that strives to do whatever we can to prevent fire, provide emergency medical aid to those in need, and effeciently mitigate both natural and man-made disasters when they happen and help in the recovery effort of those effected. The Wilton Fire Protection District has Urban Protection and Rural Pride. We believe in neighbor helping neighbor. Our District consists of a highly dedicated group of 55+ men and women who annually handle more than 600 calls for service.

Our History

The Wilton Fire Protection District has a successful service record to the Wilton Community for many years. The department was incorporated on January 29, 1942. In the last 65 years, the department has had many changes that have successfully enhanced its operation, but not the quality of service. Volunteers whether residents or shift personnel, continue to come to the aid of the district to assist those who are ill or injured, mitigate disasters whether man-made or natural, and put the Citizens of Wilton as their top priority.

The first Fire Station was located next door to the Dillard Store. At Dillard Road and Wilton Road. Our Resident Volunteers were alerted to an alarm via Volunteer Dispatchers (Storekeepers) at both the Wilton Store and the Dillard Store. Both Stores had a phone-tree of our Resident Firefighters which they implemented after the receipt of an alarm. The first arriving firefighter would take an engine and respond to the location. Others enroute went directly to the incident to assist the first arriving engine.

As time moved forward, the District purchased Air-Raid sirens that were triggered by the dispatcher of a call. Everyone in Wilton "heard" the sirens. You have to remember, traffic was not heavy in the Country in the 1960's. This saved countless minutes, getting personnel to the station. As the 70's approached, Plectron "Personal Pagers" (Small Suit Cases) were issued to our resident volunteers, such that they had more information, (leaving their homes).

As our call volume increased, our department teamed up with the "Central Dispatch" at Fire Station 51 in Florin. "Central Dispatch" later joined Sacramento County Dispatch to form a Joint Powers Authority known as "Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Communications Center." They are a present partner of Wilton Fire Protection District today.

Our resident volunteers were the "first-line" of defense until April 1, 2003. The Internship Program with a Company Officer and 3 Shift Firefighters 24 hours per day/7 days per week. This program sends a standard compliment of personnel to your home as soon as they receive the alarm. The On-Duty Personnel in conjuction with our Resident Firefighters are here to serve your fire protection and life/safety needs. We hope that you enjoyed a little history of your "Home-Town" Fire Department.