Winter Storm Ready - County Sandbag Policy

Updated March 8, 2013

    The Sacramento County only opens its sandbag distribution sites in anticipation of continuous and extended heavy rainfall events where severe, widespread flooding may occur. The county does not open sandbag sites during most short duration or routine storm events typically experienced in Sacramento. Due to the lead time needed to get sites operational it is not effective to open sandbag sites during most storms. By the time the sandbag distribution sites are operational, most storms will have passed and any localized flooding will have already occurred. In fact, if your property has a history of flooding or recurring standing water each year (such as water building up at the garage or back patio for example), you are encouraged to get sandbags in advance of the rainy season and have them on hand throughout the winter. Sandbags and sand are available, inexpensively, at most hardware and home improvement stores.

    For more information on Sacramento County Flood Preparedness, please visit:

Emergency Power

    Besides the potential of flooding during a Winter Storm, let's not forget the potential for "extended" power outages. Wilton gets a double-punch on Power Outages because it disrupts both electrical and well water systems. The Sacramento Municipal Utilities District, or better known as SMUD has some great tips on their website:

Before Purchasing a Generator

    Portable Generators are available for purchase at major home improvement centers. There are guides to show you "how much" power wattage you need to sustain the basic residential services, (heat, water and refrigeration). For those wanting a more extensive power system, we recommend that you contact a local electrical contractor, who can supply you with the appropriate sized generator, automatic transfer switch and all needed safety components and permit.

Winter Ready Fire Protection and Life/Safety

    Never bring outside barbeque's (wood or charcoal) indoors. Both products emit Carbon Monoxide, which is an orderless, invisible and deadly gas. If it is released inside your home it can quickly kill.

Fire Safety Precautions

  • Never use a barbecue grill in an enclosed area.
  • Never heat a room with a stove, oven, kerosene heater, dryer or other non-ventilated heaters.
  • Never burn anything in your fireplace that is not recommended by the manufacturer such as treated or painted wood.
  • Never use gasoline or starter fluid to ignite a fire in the fireplace.

  • The Wilton Fire Protection District is here to serve your fire protection and life/safety needs. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 916.687-6920.